Systems of Sustainable Change

About Me

The Unite Initiative Corporation was created to change the world through the collective efforts of the Rising Generations. In pursuit of that goal, we utilize the influence of the our creative subcultures to create opportunities for our peers to consistently cultivate positive change.

There has long been inequity in our society. But, with so many problems and too few resources, progress has been slow. In an effort to help speed things up, we've developed the Unite Systems of Sustainable Change. These systems consist of business entities that fund programs established to solve the issues contributing to social, political, and economic inequity. 


Our Systems Of Sustainable Change are designed to establish sustainable funding sources for National programs, that directly impact communities in need.


We understand that the change we seek will not come overnight. But, it's our hope that through these systems, Millennials and Gen-Z can plant the seeds that sustain positive growth for generations to come.