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As a way to directly have an economic impact on the local communities the UNITE. Initiative operates in, proceeds from all revenue generated through the UNITE. Initiative events, campaigns and apparel, will be placed into a transparent UNITE. Fund.

The monies within the UNITE. Fund, will be governed by a bipartisan board (inclusive of community members), who will allocate funds, based on the expressed needs of the local communities. The UNITE. Fund gives us the resources to address our communities economic needs, on our own, when it's most needed.

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UNITE. The City

The Unite Initiative will work with Rising Generation creators, local community organizations, and corporate brand partners to execute the Unite The City campaign.

The campaign is designed to enhance underserved local communities through activations that provide community clean-up resources, fundraising initiatives, and inspiration through the development of artistic murals that reflect the communities they are placed in.

  • Monthly Community Clean-Ups

  • Quarterly fundraising goals (specific to community goals)

  • People Of Colours Mural Initiative

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UNITE. Concert Series

The UNITE. Charity Concert Series, consists of 3 different concerts spanning 3 months, in which during each concert, a nationally known musical artist will headline, accompanied by two local opening artists.

Each concert will be an opportunity to give back to the local communities in need, with entry being $10 or $5, paired with a donation of a non-perishable item.

100% of all proceeds will go directly to the UNITE. Fund, which places the power of economic change within our communities, in the hands of the community.


UNITE. Gardens

The UNITE Gardens will consist of local community gardens in select cities nationwide. The Unite Initiative and CRUxMKTG will work with notable creative leaders in each city, to cultivate a plot of plants and vegetables in their name.

The Unite Initiative staff, our Millennial & Gen-Z peers, and local volunteers, will tend to the gardens throughout the year. All crops harvested each year will be free for all residents of that community.


Through the UNITE. Gardens, we aim to provide underserved communities with direct access to organic food resources.


UNITE. Creator Series

The UNITE. Creator Series, consists of 3 different events spanning 3 months, in which during each event, one musician, one fashion brand, and one visual artist, come together for one night of creativity.


Each event, a different trio of creators will work together in advance to produce a special showcase of their collective and distinct talents, as part of the Unity In Action 2021 Campaign.


Entry into the UNITE. Event Series will be $10, or $5 paired with a donation of canned goods, gently worn clothing, or personal hygiene products.

100% of all proceeds will go directly to the UNITE. Fund, which places the power of economic change within our communities, in the hands of the community.

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UNITE. The Album

UNITE. Initiative Corp.’s UNITE. The Album campaign, brings recording artists, producers, and sound engineers together to create a full length musical project.

UNITE. The Album utilizes our creative talents, to create real change.


UNITE. Initiative Corporation and its subsidiary UNITE. Initiative Corp. Publishing, will place the album on all major streaming platforms.


100% of all streaming and a portion of publishing revenue going to support a program providing free mental health services to underserved communities in Atlanta, Ga; Chicago, IL; Los Angeles, CA; Houston and Bronx, NY.

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