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'THIS.', is a representation of what you get when you're tricked into expecting so much, but receiving so little. 'THIS.' is what many communities have come to know as the American way, of over-promising and under-delivering.​


'THIS.' Art Show is designed to both raise and shatter expectations. Well before the actual art show, audiences will perceive 'THIS.' Art Show, as one of the most prestigious and anticipated art experiences in modern times.

Upon arrival, audiences realize every piece of art conceptually aligns with the profoundly meaningless 'THIS.' hand gesture. Accompanied by creative representations of today's American culture and imbalance of wealth; where the rich get richer, and the poor get nothing at all.

The purpose of 'THIS.' Art Show is to bring attention to the under-served and neglected people of our great nation. 100% of the proceeds from purchased tickets and the sale of collaborative apparel, will go to fund projects that directly provide for the homeless and hungry within our communities.

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